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Currently I Am 4

It’s another weekend again, I wish I could sound excited but I can’t. This past week hasn’t been all that exciting; I’ve been homesick and all but doesn’t stop me from keeping you posted on what I’m currently about 😉

Here goes *drumroll*
Currently I Am;

Wearing: one of my favorite mini dresses, I mean if I don’t get to go out I still get to dress up yeah?

Feeling: totally having mixed feelings, feeling great one minute and down the next.

Craving: McVites Digestive Biscuits

Dreading: the coming weeks, I mean I’m starting to get bored here 😐

Wishing: I was home with my family, I totally miss them.

Loving: the constant power supply here, I just wish they had fun spots shii would be totally littttt

Planning: to run home as soon as I can. Like literarily run home.

Missing: Lagos and all its stress.

Looking forward to: a stress less week

Appreciating: inner peace and great weather

So that’s it guys, you can tell I don’t really have much going on, but soon soon I’ll be back on my feet.

Till then keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram (@WanShyGirl) I’ll definitely follow back.

Adios amigos,


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