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Currently I Am 4

It's another weekend again, I wish I could sound excited but I can't. This past week hasn't been all that exciting; I've been homesick and all but doesn't stop me from keeping you posted on what I'm currently about πŸ˜‰ Here goes *drumroll* Currently I Am; Wearing: one of my favorite mini dresses, I mean… Continue reading Currently I Am 4

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Hello guys, Tha weekend is finally here and I'm super glad. I've been itching to drop a style post but due to some reasons it's not been possible. So here goes the long overdue STYLE POST Replica? Why replica?? Basically a replica is a lookalike or a copy of something yeah??? I've been lusting for… Continue reading Replica

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Liebster Award II

Hello guys! Hope we're having a good week? So I got a second nomination for the Liebster Award thanks to Ilamosi Since I already did an acceptance post for the previous nomination, I'd just answer the questions and avoid boring you. Thanks Ilamosi for nominating me. Award Accepted So here are my answers to her… Continue reading Liebster Award II

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The Liebster Award

Hallo Guys, Happy Weekend! I was checking through my readers list yesterday and I went through my blogger friend Maureen 's post about the "Liebster Award" and I saw my name amongst the list of the nominees. Oh Boy! Was I excited. The Liebster Award is an Internet award for newbie bloggers given by fellow… Continue reading The Liebster Award

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Simple Living

Hello Guyssssss! Happy weekend and welcome to month of rains LOL. I'm super glad I got the chance to post this weekend, I've been busy settling into my new home and familiarizing myself with the environment. Still trying to see how I can be consistent with my blogging plus I really, really need a photographer… Continue reading Simple Living