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Olive x White







Helllooo guyssss! It’s another weekend and I’m still in military camp, can’t wait to return home so I can style some lovely outfits.

I’ve been putting off writing this post, because I actually wanted to style the colors myself, but seeing as circumstances cannot permit I’m sharing pictures of other fashion forward people wearing the color olive paired with a white piece .

I’ve been quite obsessed with the color olive, also called khaki or army green by some, It’s basically the color I’ve been seeing all around me in camp alongside white.

So Olive and White why not? I’ll definitely be styling this color when I have the chance to. Do anticipate 😁😁😁

Olive has also been termed a neutral color, Do you agree?

It can be paired with white and black (monochrome), tan and navy blue. If you’re a colorful person you could also dare to pair it with red or even orange. Whatever floats your boat.

You’ll get to see a lot of Olive Outfits from me in subsequent posts.

For now let me know which Olive and White look did it for you and also have a great weekend.



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