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Currently I Am 3.5

It’s officially summer season guyssss, Yasssss! Though it’s more like spring here in Nigeria because rain, rain, rain!

Currently I Am 3.5? You might be wondering why 3.5?? Well I’ve never written a Life post back to back before, but due to current circumstances I can’t do a Style post. Therefore this is a continuation of the previous post.

Here goes; Currently I Am:

Wearing: A Topshop crop top and my shorts, because I’m still in bed and no drills this morning.

Feeling: tired and exhausted

Craving: Pounded yam and vegetable soup with lots of meat and fish

Dreading: really not dreading anything

Wishing: the camp will give us adequate time to sleep :|. I’m super sleep deprived ehn 😩

Loving: the whole isolation from the world and the opportunity to bond with old friends and make new ones.

Planning: to make the best out of the remaining (12) days of camp.

Missing: my laptop plus my freewill.

Looking forward to: a great week and an exciting summer rainy season.

That’s it guys, Style Posts would definitely come later on.
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