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Currently I Am 3

Heyyyy guyssss! Can you tell how excited I am? I have so many things to share with you this weekend.
This isn’t a style post it’s a life post (Hahaha I’m official a Life Style Blogger).
So this is my third post in the Currently I Am series, look forward to more πŸ˜‰

Here goes; Currently I Am :

Wearing: A purple turtle neck – mermaid hem dress (I’m sorry I had to be detailed). I’m also at an Owanbe, follow my Instagram (@WanShyGirl) for pictures and other deets.

Feeling: super excited for many reasons. It’s the weekend, I’m done with stress work for now and I’ll be going for my National Youth Corp Service (NYSC) next week. Whoop!!

Craving: pounded yam and efo riro with plenty smoked fish and ponmo (For those not in Nigeria please Google is your friend) and pizza too. Still not gotten over my pizza cravings 😐

Dreading: the military life awaiting me in camp. I’ll survive sha.

Wishing: I got the Giuseppe Zanotti bag I’ve been crazy about all year long. Went to the market thinking the price would have come down, if I hear sh*t was up like trump, No offense.

My one true love at the moment

Loving: how everything is falling in place for me. I can be ungrateful sometimes but God got me :mrgreen:

Planning: to enjoy my NYSC camp no matter how depressing things turn out to be.

Missing: My bed and laptop in advance

Looking forward to : An awesome weekend and great week ahead.

That’s it, waiting for the one who will satisfy my pizza craving, gift me some Nutella and surprise me with the Zanotti bag.

This is what true love looks like



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