Currently I Am 2

Hey guys, I’m here again, a few of my close friends have actually been wondering why I’m posting so frequently and in response I say “Consistency is Key.”
I know I can’t post fashion stuff on a regular basis therefore I’ll be doing the “Currently I Am” tag patented by Ifeoma of WhoWhatFab
Check out her blog here
So this is the second in the series and I’m doing as much as possible to keep it brief and original.
Happy Reading!

Currently I Am;

Wearing: a chiffon dress I thrifted sometime ago it’s super light and comfy and perfect for this summer weather (LOL)

Feeling: like sh*t lately because things aren’t going as I planned, but oh well when life throws you lemons… You know the rest!

Craving: pizza and now I also want peanut butter and jelly jam sandwiches so bad, but I was at the provisions store the other day and mehn I had to moonwalk away from the Skippy and Nutella stands the prices were just so 😥😥
Hopefully the dollar rate in Nigeria stabilizes so I can buy the stuff I really want, hopefully.

Dreading: still dreading my approaching National Youth Corps Service, seeing as my country is in economic chaos right now the date has been moved again and so my fears heightened.

Wishing: for some Nutella, also I checked my closet and discovered I have nothing pastel (except my mint and pink Ankara dress) totally wishing I could go shopping soon so I could cop me some pastels as per spring season.

Loving: pastel shades because why not? It’s spring time somewhere in the world.

Planning: to shop till my pocket begs me to stop, soon, very very soon.

Appreciating: the gift of life and God’s love that he has shown towards all of mankind.

Missing: the university life, now that I’m done with school and working I appreciate the freedom and stuff I enjoyed while in school But ever forward eh?

Looking Forward to: new episodes of one of my favorite TV series “Empire” and also a lovely April before the dreaded NYSC arrives.

So that’s it
P. S: Anyone who can gift me a jar of Nutella? I’d be so glad I’d cherish you forever 😉



2 thoughts on “Currently I Am 2

  1. Nice one dear…I also don’t have anything pastel coz I gave it out sometime ago and currently I am craving for a pair of Dapmod shades😎


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