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Currently I Am 2

Hey guys, I'm here again, a few of my close friends have actually been wondering why I'm posting so frequently and in response I say "Consistency is Key." I know I can't post fashion stuff on a regular basis therefore I'll be doing the "Currently I Am" tag patented by Ifeoma of WhoWhatFab Check out… Continue reading Currently I Am 2

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Double Dose: All Black x Pop Of Color

Happy Weekend Guys, hope you all had a fab one like I did. In case you didn't know I'm an avid lover of the color black and so when Vickie and I decided to do a DOUBLE DOSE (bloggers collaboration) we opted for an all black outfit spiced with a pop of any color. This… Continue reading Double Dose: All Black x Pop Of Color

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Currently I Am…

Hello folks, Hope we're having a splendid weekend? Mine sure is, after a hectic week I'm treating myself to a weekend rest in. Eat, Sleep, Repeat. This post is not really a fashion post, but I'll share it anyways. I recently found this fun blogger, Ifeoma of WhoWhatFab (She's really amazing for a newbie) Check… Continue reading Currently I Am…

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The Jumpsuit Revamped

Here's how your faves are styling the Jumpsuit in 2016. Hello lovelies, Hope we are having a great week and hope the weekend was exciting, mine sure was. In this post I'll be talking about one piece of clothing that has been around on the fashion scene and it doesn't seem like it's making an… Continue reading The Jumpsuit Revamped

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The Oscars 2016

Hello guys, I promised to write about the Oscars and here it goes. I've been super busy and having fun at the same time as I just graduated from the University of Lagos (This is gist for another day). The 88th Annual Grammy Awards held on Sunday February 28th,2016. I wasn't too wow-ed by what… Continue reading The Oscars 2016