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Still On Vintage Vibes

Have you ever walked up to someone and be all
“Hey! lovely skirt” and in response the person goes all…
“thanks, but they are trousers”
I can imagine the shock and surprise on your face, been there done that.
Today I’ll be writing on… *drumroll*
Yeah! you guessed right, Culottes!!!!
Culottes or Split – Skirts as they are also known is a piece of clothing that “hangs like a skirt but is actually pants”
I like to call them “three-quarter wide leg pants” *hehehe*
This fashion item made a comeback in 2015 and it’s totally going to rock in 2016. Culottes have a retro – vintage vibe to it.
They are mostly worn casually, culottes come in various materials and styles.
If you don’t own one do try to get yourself a pair, dull not!
Is Miss Sarah Audu rocking a Skirt or Pants? Look Again.

Culotte Queen, Princess Audu.
Check Out Her blog:

The Cocopolitan rocking a pair ofย  Navy Culottes and Pastel Blue Courts.
The Cocopolitan
Check out her blog for more stylish outfits





African Print Culottes


The off-shoulder top and navy blue cullotes combo is fireeee!!!

There you have it what’s your take on Culottes, stylish or nah?

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3 thoughts on “Still On Vintage Vibes”

  1. Tanks for helping us out with this info.. .I wont lie.. .i also might call it a skirt..if i saw it on a female… But i lov d style though.. It shows lots of confidence on those females that rocked it
    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ‘


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