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Still On Vintage Vibes

Have you ever walked up to someone and be all "Hey! lovely skirt" and in response the person goes all... "thanks, but they are trousers" I can imagine the shock and surprise on your face, been there done that. Today I'll be writing on... *drumroll* Yeah! you guessed right, Culottes!!!! Culottes or Split - Skirts… Continue reading Still On Vintage Vibes

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Channeling Vintage Vibes on the Red Carpet

Hello guys, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here's a quick post showing how Hollywood stars have been channeling vintage vibes on the red carpet. Kate Hudson Brie Larson Khloe Kardashian Dascha Polanco Patricia Clarkson Michelle Monaghan Olivia Wilde Malin Akerman Happy Reading! Do drop your comments. WanShyGirl

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Fave Looks From The Golden Globes 2016 Awards

Hey guys here is a quick post. The Golden Globes 2016 held on Sunday January, 10th at the Beverly Hilton's ball room; and it sure was a colorful and eventful show. I decided to create a a list of  my Top 10 Looks From The Globes with deets on the outfits. Please let me know… Continue reading Fave Looks From The Golden Globes 2016 Awards

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Trends: What Rocked In 2015?

Hello Fashion Forward Folks, Glad, we made it into 2016. I'd love to take us down memory lane to check out 15 Fashion Trends That Rocked In 2015. When I say trends that "rocked" I mean fashion items that people were really, really crazy about. Drumroll please The Denim On Denim Trend This is one… Continue reading Trends: What Rocked In 2015?